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Dudley from Syracuse asks “Do entrepreneurs need to know how to golf?”

I’ve heard that many entrepreneurs golf with their clients. What is the purpose of these golf outings?

Is it important for an entrepreneur to know how to golf? Are there any common alternatives?

My Answer

Well the main reason golf was used was it takes a long time to play and you have a captive audience for a while to really get to know each other. The business sort of comes along in the background.

But its a very old school sort of thing, these days coffee, cocktails, lazer tag, horse racing, lawn bowl (the only sport you can play with a beer in your hand) all work equally as well.

So it really depends on your type of clients and what they are interested in. Really its about meeting people and being able to talk about all sorts of stuff. The given activity is just the ice breaker and thing that binds you for a while … the business, while the goal, should never be the focus, when your asked then you can talk about it for a little bit, in enthusiastic terms but then hand the focus back to them.

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