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John asks “Using a Staffing Agency – Is it a Bad Idea?”

If you’ve exhausted your personal network (and friends’ networks), and now need to hire people who have skills that you don’t have, would you try working with a staffing agency?

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about them, just from reading online, so wanted to get some opinions from those of you who have actually used them. What was your experience like?

If you wouldn’t use a staffing agency, how would you go about hiring people who have skills you don’t have?

My Answer

Hiring is tricky, most standard recruitment agents are nothing more than order takers … They just tick off skills which isn’t helpful, I have found 2 Recruiters that understand our company and our culture and have the ability to find suitable fits.
That said it took working with 15-20 different agencies in 14 years to get these 2.

One bit of advice though, the good ones usually run their own show or are principal players, they don’t focus on skill set much, they write very creative job ads to hook the right candidate, they spend a long time talking to you about your business, goals, pain points etc and often suggest better alternatives to what you are asking for.

If all you have is an order taker then, most bad experiences come from bad upfront briefs. I wrote a page of dot points describing personality traits, goals, interests etc as the brief to recruiters … The ones that questioned me on this list I gave a chance to.

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