About Me

My focus is on how software technologies can be applied to all other industries to make businesses more efficient, medical devices more effective, bring customers closer, remove the mundane and open up new business and revenue models for those who have the drive

I started writing computer programs when I was 8 and have been building commercial software since I was 15. Now I co-own and run Redgum, a custom software development company and Advanced Publishing Systems, a software company dedicated to the renewal of newsprint media.

I love technology for the infinite world of possibilities it opens up, for the problems you can solve with it. Technology, software in particular, is the ultimate tool humans have created so far and I enjoy being part of its early development.

Most people I meet outside of the tech sphere have no concept about how technology works or, more importantly, how it might be utilised in order to improve their lives. Many of these people have fantastic ideas, skills and knowledge that sits on the shelf or at best helps a handful of people.

I love applying the knowledge I have gained from development and from building businesses, being a bridge, a mentor for people, working with them to create technologies which solve problems, build businesses and enhance lives.