Technology Spike

Technology Spike – The Trap

Previously we looked at what the spike is, and discovered that our short term perception of change lulls us into a false sense of security.

Now we look at the trap the”long range effect” creates for business leaders and anyone looking to plan their lives and careers over the next 10 years.


If we look at a 10-year block, there is a dramatic increase. If you are unaware of it, it can take you by surprise and overtake your business and your job very quickly.

This is a 1024-fold increase! In a world of increasing competitiveness, this can be a defining factor, not just in levels of profit – but in sustainability within a rapidly moving market – with expectations changing along with the graph.

The huge spike at the end is not, in fact, as it first appears. This big spike is a direct result of much smaller and less-easy-to-discern movements over shorter periods of time.

So the trap, is listening to the short term feeling of being up to date, looking back 1-2 years and forward 1-2 years you don’t notice the rapid change. Too long means more drastic and costly action to keep up and stay current.

In the next post we look at what does knowing this mean to you in your life and your business.

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