Technology Spike

Technology Spike – What to do about it

Big One Hit Wonder Projects

These take years to build before a benefit is seen and should generally be avoided. It is far better to develop many small blocks and start seeing value as early as you can before you get left behind.

It is also, generally, easier to upgrade and maintain the smaller blocks if they are developed cohesively but without being tightly bound together and dependant on each other in order to upgrade.

Let It Go

If you have a dinosaur technology, then continuing to invest in it or use it will just drag you further behind, and it will do so faster and faster. Bite the bullet and find or build the next thing.

Invest in the “move away” strategy before it comes time, not when it is critical or already too late.

The Key

This applies even more to your business model, methods of operating, and your interactions with your clients and suppliers. All of this is a changing environment with changed expectations and the leanest and most effective wins.

Information technologies are still just tools to support and enable all these things to occur, but it is still up to you, your team, and advisors to extend your relationships with those around you and continually seek to improve on the way you do business today.

The good part is that once you start to adopt the new models and start looking for the opportunities, there is so much made available and that will open up as a result.

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